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Sunday, June 12, 2005

all by myself

Living without a roomate is a strange thing. I have lived in this flat for three years and always had a roomate, now I am alone for a few months until my boyfriend moves in. The second bedroom is completely empty and it sends echoes through the house. I am doing careless things like leaving the TV on when I'm not in the room. I don't like being lazy and am annoying myself. There are some benefits, though. It is really really hot here now and I can walk around wearing as little clothing as I would like. I can masturbate loudly if I feel like it. I can run from the shower naked if I forget my towel.

Don't get my wrong, my last roomate and I were very open. We are good friends and talk about everything. Hell, we've been naked in a Turkish bath together and shampooed eachother's hair (you can let your mind dwell on that if you'd like, your imagination will probably be much more erotic than the reality.) Still, it is nice to not worry about keeping up appearances. I feel very *at home* in a way I haven't before. Having the boyfriend here shouldn't change that too much. I'll probably cut out the inconsiderate shit like leaving messes in the kitchen and forgetting to switch off the TV. I plan to continue the walking about the place naked if I feel like it. And the loud masturbation. Especially the loud masturbation.


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