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Monday, May 30, 2005

man on man

I've been reading Unfurling for awhile now and have been constantly impressed with his candor and excellent writing. Last week he made a post on losing his virginity that I just had to revisit. He explains that his first sexual experience was a homosexual one and this has not been repeated since. Like many women, I've got a bit of a *thing* for men with other men. I can't be the only girl out there that is rooting for Unfurling to bed a man again and share all of the juicy details. Until then, my imagination will just have to suffice.

This really got me thinking about my interest in gay male sex. My amazing boyfriend has been with men in the past and I have realized that I have spent insufficient time pumping him for details (read: dirty recollections.) We have been discussing group sex for awhile now and while we are both interested in having another woman in bed with us, I would really like to see him with a man. This has little to do with my desire to be with two men at once (although that would be a nice bonus.) There is something very hot about the idea of two men together without any interest in me whatsoever. I want to see how men do things differently and how my boyfriend reacts to that dynamic. How do men suck cock and fuck? How is it different from the way I do it?

Speaking of homo-erotic, there is a program on the National Geographic Channel called "Rescue Warriors" that tracks this group of soldiers training to become paratroopers. Sounds boring, huh? Did I mention that they are hot and spend most of their time in a pool and the rest of the time being sweaty? It is imminently apparent that they are going back to the barracks at night and fucking each other senseless; the training looks really difficult, what else do they have to look forward to? Also, this assumption helps me to enjoy the show a bit more. I wish I could find some pictures to share that prove my argument. You'll just have to trust me. Has anyone else seen this show?


Blogger W. S. Cross said...

It's a common fantasy among sexually-adventurous women, though the MFF thing has become a cliche for the boys.

9:57 AM  

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