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Monday, June 06, 2005


Last night I was spanked for the first time. Wow.

We were lying in bed enjoying a nice cuddle. I was on my stomach and he was laying on his side right next to me. He began caressing my ass very nicely, running his fingers under the band of my panties. Suddenly he lifted his hand and brought it back down hard. I was pleasantly surprised and let out a small squeak. He left his hand resting on my butt, rubbing it some more and then lifted it to spank me again. This time the impact of his hand sent shivers through my body and I arched my butt into the air to meet the next impact from his hand. I was quickly losing composure here on the bed, allowing little moans to escape my lips from time to time and begging him to spank harder. Something about the pain and the vibrations created by impact of his hand on my skin was really doing the trick. Eventually he slipped a finger into my panties and began teasing and fingering me. We proceeded to have very good sex.

Here is the problem. . . The boy does not like it. He claims he just did it to humor me as I had requested a spanking earlier in the day. This is something that I can see really getting into. Meanwhile, he says that he "hopes it is just a phase." What is a girl to do?


Anonymous DTG xxoo said...

What's a girl to do? Let me know when you find out.

My M is much the same, spanks half-heartedly, or worse, jokingly. If he's not into it, I'd just as soon he not do it.

DTG xxoo
Pussy Talk

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