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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comstock Films - Go buy some this Wednesday!

I ordered some movies from Comstock Films about a week or two ago as I had been hearing wonderful things about them for a very long time. Within a few days of placing my order, I received an email letting me know that Comstock is having a great Red Cross fundraiser on Wednesday, September 14th.

Tomorrow, they will be giving double the amount of your order to the Red Cross. So, if you buy one of their great DVDs for 25 bucks, 50 goes to the Red Cross. And, you still get an amazing movie. So, what makes Comstock Films so amazing? I watched "Xana and Dax" and "Marie and Jack" over this past weekend. Initially, I was partial to Marie and Jack - It was really amazing to watch how sweet and tender they are with each other. Although, I think my preference might have something to do with viewing Marie and Jack with my boyfriend.

After a second, more objective, viewing of both films today, I think that I prefer Xana and Dax. The interview with them was incredibly sexy and really built up to the on-screen sex. I also thought that the lighting for the shoot was gorgeous. But, seriously, I'm obviously not watching for the lighting. The sex was tender but still very insistent and captivated my attention immediately. Since it followed in a logical progression instead of the frantic scene-changing of conventional porn, I felt myself really drawn into the action.

Whoever thinks that real sex can't be sexy needs to try out one of these films. Watching them helped me realize a few things. First, porn can turn me on and I can even get off while watching it! Second, I am so grateful for my relationship and that I get to have sex with someone I love. Watching these couples in their most intimate moments helped me realize how much my sex is just like that and how much I treasure it for that reason.

I implore everyone to go buy a film from Comstock tomorrow. You will enjoy it immensely and be giving to an important cause.


Blogger Ell said...

You're right about the lighting in Xana and Dax, it really is beautiful, especially in the first few moments when they are undressing and the cameras are up close and all around - divine!

"Watching these couples in their most intimate moments helped me realize how much my sex is just like that and how much I treasure it for that reason."

I love that observation, there's not many sex films that leaving you feeling so good!

Love your blog,


6:32 PM  
Blogger Tony Comstock said...

Like Loraine, I really like what you said about how our movies make you feel. I'm also very grateful to you for helping us make our fund raiser a success!


9:52 AM  
Anonymous Ms. Kitka said...

It's a shame I came to your blog too late... no shopping at Comstock for me today!

It looks like SugarBank has a real following... with the comments he's getting on his site today, he could get a fan club going!


1:33 PM  
Blogger lumpesse said...

Seriously, I think we are all perving out over his accent ;) Well, I am at least.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Ms. Kitka said...

Yes... his accent is super-sexy... makes me all creamy...

8:28 PM  

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