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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Most Important Post I will Make

A proposal

Like many of you out there, I have been feeling very helpless about the current situation in the South. Aside from mine and my boyfriend's personal contributions to hurricane relief efforts, we feel like we want to do something more. I decided that if there was anything I could do to mobilize people to donate to hurricane relief, that I would do it. In the past I have had people ask me about selling panties and other items. I was never interested in it for my own profit. But, it is something I am thrilled to do if it can help the victims of Katrina put their lives back together. So, fair blog readers, I am inviting you into my underwear drawer for a worthy cause. I will be auctioning off several items in the next few weeks and will continue restocking until interest wanes. Please read on for more information!

Here is how it will work

I will make a post on Wednesday, September 7th listing the first item up for bid. The auction will close on Friday, September 9th at noon and another item will be posted. I will keep working on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule until all items are spoken for or interest has dried up.

I will accept bids via email and conduct the bidding in several rounds so that all parties will get an even chance to win.

I don't want you to send me a penny. I feel uncomfortable handling money that is meant for charity so the winner of the auction will be responsible for making a charitable contribution in the amount agreed on and furnishing proof to me in the form of a receipt, an online confirmation page, an email confirmation, etc.

If the winning bidder fails to make their contribution within 2 days of winning, they will first be publicly shamed and the item will go back up for bid.

I want this to be really fun and also raise a lot of money. If there are other ladies interested in getting in on this, lets work together!



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