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Sunday, September 04, 2005


So, I was reading my horoscope and thought it was sort of apropos.

I don't know if you were ever a fan of professional wrestling, but if you've ever seen it, you will have noticed the efficacy of having a tag-team partner or wily, rules-be-damned manager come to your aid when you've been hit by a chair. This is an important life lesson for you this week, Capricorn. You need allies. Allies who will be willing to give someone a suplex, yes, but also allies in the arena of love. It may be a friend who can talk to you up to someone you'd like to get with, or just someone who is willing to spit in their hand and shake on the common goal of explosive intercourse. Just make sure you find them, put on some spandex and get to work.

Reading this made me think about the events of yesterday evening which I spent with, who I guess is now a sexual ally. Last night my order of activities was very pleasant phone sex with someone in the entirely wrong hemisphere. After that adventure I went out to a concert with a friend that I have had since I started undergrad. We actually campaigned for Nader together back in my more idealistic days. I had a massive crush on J back then. Since that time I have witnessed him go through a really destructive relationship with one of my ex-roomates. J and I have something in common. She (the ex) was his only and the boy is my only.

On the drive home the conversation turned to sex and when he pulled up on front of my house we weren't really ready to stop talking. (No, this isn't going where you think it is going.) So, we went to a diner to grab a late-night snack and coffee. (See, I told you so.) It was a strange experience for me because I am used to talking about sex in an open and honest way. But but but, it felt very strange with J. Perhaps because I wanted to sleep with him when I was 18 or because I knew the fucked up shit his ex did to him while they were together. Or maybe it was just the *palpable sexual tension* between us.

I'm not sure I would even want to sleep with J or that my boyfriend would go for it. Nor am I at all sure that J wants to sleep with me. However, the fact that I felt a compelling desire to kiss him when he gave me a hug goodnight must mean something. Maybe it just means that I am horny and really miss my sweetie and desperately need a cuddle. I'm going with that explanation for awhile.


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