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Monday, August 29, 2005

online fulfillment

So, I have been thinking of buying a new toy which brings me to the Babeland site. There seems to be a new crop of interactive sex toys around.

The High Joy Bunny is appealing in an abstract way but I wonder if it is worth the major cash. First of all, it is controlled through the serial port. What? People are still making devices for the serial port? I'm sorry but if I'm going to fuck myself with computer hardware it should at least be USB. It also requires subscribing to a paysite that controls the vibrator software over the internet. I sort of already hate cyber sex and this seems like it would only make it slightly more appealing. On the other hand it could make it much more annoying. I can see this fitting into a distance relationship between uncreative people. Or maybe it would help people who are too uninspired or lazy to turn on their own vibrator.

The Vibra Exciter seems slightly more appealing to me. First of all, it isn't ridiculously expensive (although maybe it is pretty expensive for a bullet vibrator.) Also, I'm already pre-disposed to sex on the phone versus sex on the internet. Still, this device would be entirely impractical for me. My cell phone is my primary phone number, I don't need clit stim everytime my grandmother or bank calls. It also begs the question of my own competency. I'm pretty sure that if someone I'm on the phone with makes me want to get off, I can damn well work out switching on a vibrator without remote assistance. So, it seems pointless when used in small doses and impractical to use all day.

After getting annoyed by the gimmicks at Babeland I decided to believe all of the hype and buy some DVDs from Comstock films. I've been meaning to for awhile and I figure that something to turn me on is better than another vibrator. I'm pretty set in that department anyway.

I figure if Xana and Dax and Marie and Jack are as hot as everyone says then I will pre-order some of the other ones they are putting out. Perhaps I won't have to get off to unassuming British podcasters and bloggers anymore if I have something else that turns me on. Well, I probably still will but I might not talk about it as much. Hmm, who am I kidding?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

100 Things

It seems like everyone has one of these except me!

1. I am a woman.
2. Who rarely wears makeup.
3. But has more than a passing interest in buying shoes.
4. Although, handbags have never done much for me.
5. I am a music snob.
6. This is due to 5 years in radio.
7. But I know my boyfriend thinks he knows more about music than I do.
8. He probably does.
9. I lost my virginity just over 3 years ago.
10. I am 23 now.
11. You do the math - subtraction is addition's tricky friend.
12. We planned it in a very responsible manner.
13. Before losing my virginity I had kissed 2 girls.
14. And 2 boys.
15. One of those boys probably doesn't count because it was during Spin the Bottle when I was 13.
16. It turns out that I am very orgasmic.
17. I feel really bad for my friends that can't get off during sex.
18. Sometimes I wonder if they aren't trying hard enough.
19. Or perhaps their boyfriends are just lousy in bed.
20. If you haven't caught on yet, my boyfriend is excellent in bed.
21. I am Jewish.
22. That doesn't have much bearing on my life, but I think it turns my boyfriend on.
23. And it means I call my grandmother "Bubbe". She still hopes I'll find a nice Jewish boy.
24. Okay, I officially feel creepy talking about my family on a sex blog.
25. I have a major thing for British accents.
26. They are an instant turn on. This is dreadfully cliche.
27. But it means that if you are British there is a strong chance I want to have phone sex with you.
28. I also have a thing for the neurotic type. This seems to cross over with the British thing. As well as the Woody Allen thing.
29. I wrote a really bad poem about a neurotic guy when I was 17.
30. I still haven't stopped trying to hook up with that same guy.
31. I know fully well that it would be terrible sex, too.
32. I come up with ideas for projects much faster than I can produce them.
33. I never owned any proper lingerie before a few years ago.
34. Now I have an extensive underwear collection.
35. My boyfriend calls them funderwear.
36. I think I have a nice ass.
37. Folks seem to agree, especially the bums downtown.
38. I really enjoy having my butt rubbed, it is soothing and relaxing.
39. I have two cats. They have pretentious names based on literature.
40. I am pretentious.
41. This means that I can't get turned on by stupid people.
42. Or people that use netspeak.
43. Things I am pretentious about include music, coffee, martinis, and film.
44. Things I am not pretentious about include wine and books.
45. Although I still bristle at the idea of best sellers, I end up reading chick lit when I am bored.
46. It is the literary equivilent of pop rocks.
47. Lately, I've been reading anything that recommends. I find it is a good way to read something sort of pervy without resorting to romance novels.
48. A cheap romance novel was probably the first thing I ever masturbated to.
49. I wonder if it would still work?
50. I go to graduate school.
51. It doesn't seem to be as hard as everyone says it is. I'm probably just not working hard enough.
52. I like being tied up.
53. And being told what to do.
54. I guess that makes me a submissive.
55. I wish I had a larger bed.
56. Dirty talk gets me really hot. I don't get enough of it.
57. You wouldn't know any of this by looking at me.
58. Apparently, my default facial expression isn't very kind or welcoming.
59. I have pedestrian rage, so when I walk down the street I tend to scowl.
60. I do have a lovely smile, though. I've been complimented on my dimples.
61. I almost had a threesome once but I chickened out.
62. I really want to try again sometime with the right people.
63. I shock my friends and even casual acquaintances by extolling the virtues of anal sex.
64. I really am that passionate about it!
65. In my opinion, it helps to have a partner that is willing to receive as well as give.
66. Also, lots of lube! Put some on, when you have enough, add more!
67. I think I would make a good advice columnist.
68. I have been reading Savage Love since I was 15.
69. I just got contacts recently.
70. And now everyone is noticing that I have pretty eyes. It is a nice ego boost.
71. I mentioned to a few friends that I am tracking when men check out my chest. Now my friends are pointing it out to me as well.
72. For being so interested in music, I don't listen to it often enough while having sex.
73. Although, I did trick my boyfriend into making out to Boyz II Men once. He wasn't pleased.
74. By way of revenge, he gave me head while Bauhaus was playing.
75. I pretended to be mad but I enjoyed the head way too much to care.
76. I am very perceptive of smell.
77. So, I often use different shower gels to remind me of people and experiences.
78. Speaking of, showering together is over-rated. It seems like someone is always standing outsite of the water getting cold.
79. But, I have had my share of good experiences with it. They mostly involve blowjobs.
80. I once met a guy that said he would give up sex forever if he could be guaranteed to have someone to spoon with.
81. I kind of understand what he means - but I don't think I could give up sex.
82. I have attempted to buy sexual favors with Monopoly money.
83. It almost worked.
84. But, no dice. I still haven't gotten to watch two men together.
85. This is a pretty big fantasy of mine. Unfortunately, gay men, by definition, aren't interested in helping me get off. Even if it is just watching.
86. I have also never given oral sex to another woman.
87. I think that lesbians are leary of me because I seem like a silly bi-curious girl.
88. I guess I am. Nonetheless, they shouldn't be so picky about free oral sex.
89. I don't understand cyber sex.
90. Don't try to explain it, you won't change my mind.
91. I have a lot of trouble finding good porn. I guess I need to actually pay for it.
92. I once shaved my pussy completely.
93. It got very angry with me. So now I just keep things trimmed and shave the most pertinent parts.
94. Although I will admit that I get lazy about it since I am in a long distance relationship.
95. I rarely drink but when I do I get too randy for my own good.
96. I own several sex toys.
97. I have one small tatoo. I don't regret it but it also doesn't mean much to me anymore.
98. I voted for Kerry.
99. I read about 20 sex blogs every day. And develop crushes on the writers.
100. I secretly wish that some of them had crushes on me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I've posted very few pictures here and decided to pick one out to share. I remember this day quite clearly. It was over a year ago, I hadn't seen my boyfriend in a month and he came to visit finally. We had discussed taking pictures in the past and finally got up the nerve at this moment. I bought this ensemble especially for the day. As I recall, we only ended up taking 2 or 3 pictures before other matters became more urgent.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


So, I noticed a few months ago that I have never caught a man checking me out. For most of my life I had chalked this up to the fact that I didn't think I was very attractive. But, logic dictates that if I have a boyfriend who finds me attractive, there must be other men as well. It took me awhile to put this all together. So, I asked my boyfriend about it and he said that guys most certainly must check me out and it is just off my radar. So, lately I have been trying to be more conscious of it because I am curious to see if it happens or not. I have 2 recent stories along those lines.

The first is not very interesting, one of my high school students was clearly staring at my breasts while he was answering a question in class a few weeks ago - vaguely amusing and funny.

This evening, though, I embarrased myself. I was on campus doing promotion for the college radio station that I work at while all of the new freshman were milling around, waiting to go to a pep rally. Me and some other DJs were playing music, handing out free stuff, and generally fooling around. I had a small station sticker on my shirt. The shirt is a tank-top with a plunging v-neckline. It is flattering on me and doesn't exactly make short shrift of my boobs. Well, I was walking around the crowd of 18-year-olds fresh on campus asking people what their favorite radio station is. Most either said I don't know or my station's call letters. A few glanced at the sticker before they said the name. One particular young man looked at me, looked at the sticker, looked back up at me and then stared long and hard at the sticker before saying the call letters. He never stopped looking at that sticker. It suddenly occured to me that I had been walking around for a half hour encouraging young men to look at my breasts. How embarassing! I walked back over to the DJ booth in shame while my co-workers (all gentlemen) encouraged me to keep working my assets for the station.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Has it been this long?

No, I haven't fallen of the face of the earth! However, I have just come out the other side of a month with spotty internet access and oodles of work to do. Now that I am done with my summer job and starting school soon I'll be back into diversions such as this.

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of sex-oriented podcasts, the best I've found so far have been by British men. I know, my terrible obsession is taking up too much space here! Anyhow the podcasts are great but I wouldn't dream of starting one myself as I already have a weekly non-smutty radio show to run (on a real radio station no less!) that takes up enough of my time. Anyone have any recommendations for sexy podcasts for me to partake of?