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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"I don't miss sex, it's just the feeling of skin against skin that I want"

Since I couldn't decide what to post about today I decided to revert to chance. I have a little list of things that I want to write entries on someday. So, I cut it up into little slips and put them in a box so I can select randomly. There are about 15 ideas in there and I can add more at anytime. So, give me ideas for things you might be interested in hearing about. In other news, I bought a new bra and boy short set on ebay. I thought they had lace inset from the picture but it turns out to be sequins! I haven't tried it on yet as I fear I'll look like I'm in the Roller Derby. Anyone care to see?

Today's Topic. . .
"Taking two cocks at once"

I was happy when I pulled this one out of the hat. But now that it is time to write about it, I'm not sure how to proceed. I'll just lay it out there for you. I love feeling really filled up. My boyfriend has a cock with a pretty formidable girth but, he certainly doesn't have two of them. I find that whenever he is in my ass I wish I had something in my pussy and vice versa. So, we have begun supplementing with toys so that I can be double penetrated. He seems to like it because it makes me even tighter than I already am and I like it for obvious reasons. I particularly remember the last time I was double penetrated because I had some perfectly amazing orgasms. The boy was fucking me in the ass with me on my back and him on top. I think this is an amazingly intimate position! As he began playing with my clit and breasts I asked him to put a dildo in my pussy. With his cock still in my ass, he slid our fairly large black and red dildo into me, right to the hilt. The toy is designed so it can be used in a harness so it has a circular base. The combination of the shape of the toy and the position we were in meant that each time he thrust his cock into me, he also slammed into the dildo. It has to be the closest thing to being fucked by two cocks that I have ever felt. Meanwhile the base of the dildo is stimulating my clit. I had a series of amazing orgasms from this, probably some of the best I've ever had.

Of course the title on my little slip wasn't "Taking a cock and a dildo at the same time" it was "Two cocks at once." This begs the question, does Ellie actually want to be fucked in her ass and pussy simultaneously? Well, I'm not really sure. As of now it is one of those fantasies that I'm not sure if I would want to act on. Logistically, I'm not sure how it operates in the context of regular old people that aren't porn stars. Is this sort of fucking sustainable for all three partners involved? I also wonder about arranging it in the first place. Luckily, my boyfriend is bisexual, so that helps jump the first barrier (fully straight guys seem like they can be weird about this sort of thing.) Still, seems like a complicated fantasy to orchestrate. Nonetheless, it is very nice to think about. . .


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