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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Top 3 Sexy Things of the Day

Number 1: Photos by Katherine O'Halloran
Clean Sheets is a great magazine of erotica, I thought that this picture was particularly hot. It is about seduction via photographs. It ends with a really hot light bondage scene. It gave me some ideas to use on my boyfriend the next time I see him.
"Walking back from his boss's office, he sees a new Polaroid sitting on his keyboard. He runs to grab it. It is warm and undeveloped, but she's gone. A faint scent, sweet and citrusy, lingers around his desk.

He waves the photo, wanting to speed up the developing image, not wanting to damage the photo. Slowly the shape of a head appears, details fill in until her entire face appears. Of course. The one person in the office he hasn't considered.

He pops his head into his boss's office. "Just popping up to the mailroom. Got a couple of things to sort out with them, might take a while."

Number 2: Smog "To Be of Use" off of Red Apple Falls
This song is incredibly sexy. Listen carefully to the lyrics. . .
Smog - To Be of Use (Oops, you missed it!)

Number 3: My Legs
They are even turning me on!


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