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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

some thoughts

I have been considering the idea of finding a woman to spend some quality time with. I have pretty limited experience with girls but thinking back on it, those experiences were pretty hot. I have never eaten pussy before and I really want the opportunity, it seems like it would be amazing. All of you guys out there like it so much, I have started to believe the hype. I've taken the first few steps to finding a girl in my area to fool around with. I think I am more interested in a bisexual girl than a lesbian but it doesn't really matter as long as the person can deal with just being friends with benefits. I am leaning towards wanting a bi girl because I would like someone that might be interested in joining my boyfriend and I eventually. On a fundamental level, though, I need some play. Badly.

Last night I pulled out the trusty vibrator (as I have every night for at least a week) and had a grand time. I had taken a very hot bath before bed and then used lotion on my entire body. After paying particular attention to my breasts and nipples, I had to take care of myself. So, I slid between the sheets, turned out the lights and started running my fingertips all over my pussy. My lover has this technique where he barely touches me so that I am begging him for more. I did my best to approximate that for several minutes, using just the lightest touch and not dipping my fingers between my lips. Then, I slipped one finger slowly in, I have to admit I let out a little gasp. Feeling my own wetness always turns me on. I slid the finger up and down my slit for a few minutes, occasionally resting it on my clit. Then I slid two fingers into my pussy pressing my thumb against my clit. I slowly pumped them in and out and my hips involuntarily arched up against to meet my hand. At this point I grabbed my vibrator because I had to get more stimulation. I turned it on and slowly ran it up and down my slit, occasionally dipping it into my pussy a few inches. I ran it down to rest against my anus while I fingered my clit with the other hand. When I couldn't take it anymore I worked it inside me. I fucked my pussy with the vibe until I was moaning. I was writhing all over the bed and so close to coming. I squeezed my legs together holding the vibe in place. This allowed me to put both hands on my body while keeping the vibrator in my cunt. I began squeezing my breasts with my left hand, kneeding them and pinching the nipples hard. I worked my clit with my right hand, strumming it with my fingers and pressing my palm against my pubic bone. I finally came with a shudder, letting out a sigh. I switched off the vibe and slipped it out and immediately fell into a deep sleep with my juices still running down my thighs.

Phew, writing that got me ready for repeat performance. Maybe I'll hold off until bed again to make it better.


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