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Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring is in the air

. . . and that means that I cannot get my hormones under control. While my libido is never truly diminished, this time of year it is basically out of control. Unfortunately, the boyfriend and I are both busy and are having problems finding time to get together. I haven't seen him in a few weeks and subsequently feel quite sex deprived. But, my loss is your gain! I find that thinking out my fantasies and sharing them helps a bit. Who doesn't get turned on by a little exhibitionism?

Last night, I expressed my supreme horniness to the boyfriend and since he was not in the mood, he placated me with a lovely picture of his penis. Now, this picture was shot on a webcam in the creepy blue glow of his monitor. As pictures of cocks go, it wouldn't normally be anything to write home about. But, for me, this was not just any cock. This is the cock I have been longing for since I last saw him. It is sweet and beautiful and so poweful. Seeing that picture really set me off as I thought of the good times I have had through the years with this particular penis. This penis that looks so harmless in the photograph has brought so much joy and excitement. When it is hard I find it to be the most fantastically sexy thing - there have been many times when I have felt it pressing against me in an intimate moment and I need to stop and catch my breath because feeling the hardness is so overwhelming. I love when this penis is in my mouth, it feels smooth and delicious on my tongue. I enjoy feeling every small detail of its texture as I run my tongue over it. I live for the moans and sighs that come from its owner. This penis has been used to gently and tenderly make love to me, during these times it is slow and methodical, each stroke accompanied by kisses and caresses and words of love. This penis has also been used to fuck me to beyond the edge or reason. It has made me lose track of language and the outside world and everything that exists outside of the sensation of this penis pounding into my pussy.

These are all of the things that crossed my mind last night as I gazed with amazement at this poorly taken picture of a half-erect penis in the glow of a computer monitor. Keeping this image in my head, I got into bed, turned out the lights and lowered my trusty purple vibrator to rest on my wet clit. I could have come in a minute but I knew that I should make it last. Every time I neared climax, I pulled back and took a deep breath to extend the moment longer. I sighed as if my lover was present and licked my lips wishing I had his lips to kiss, or perhaps his lovely penis to run my mouth over.

I allowed myself to come in a moment of calmness and relaxation. With a sharp intake of breath and a slight shudder, I felt the orgasm slowly run through my whole body as all of my limbs relaxed and sank into the bed. I set the vibrator down by my side and fell fast asleep just as I lay, with the image of his pretty penis still in my mind.


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